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A message from the 2016-2017 CFDDA President, Dr. Lee Anne Keough:


As I recover from the “Spring ahead” of the daylight savings time change, I reflect on what lies ahead, as well as the recent past. As this president’s message goes to press, the final plans(fundraising, logistics, etc.) for the FLAMOM event in Pensacola are being made.  Several CFDDA members have been participating with fundraising and event planning, and more are planning to volunteer at the event March 24th and 25th. Thank you to everyone that has given their time and/or money towards this noble effort. FLAMOM 2018 will be in southwest Florida, with 2019 being held in Orlando. The CFDDA FLAMOM 2019 Steering Committee is already at work securing a venue and date. I look forward to everyone’s support and assistance to help bring this event to the Central Florida area.

We often talk about the changing landscape of the dental profession. Don’t forget, this is our profession and our future being discussed. Do not sit idle on the sidelines; be active and stay informed. It is not fair for a change to happen that effects how we practice and say, “How did they let this happen?” “THEY” (Florida Dental Association leadership, lobbyists, and staff) are
always working to protect our profession, but they need our help and our participation. In fact, the FDA has issued a “call to action” and I want to encourage you to review the information on page 15.

I recently traveled to Orlando to attend the opening session of the American Student Dental Association’s (ASDA) national meeting this past February. Talk about an eye opener … one of the primary objectives that student member dentists have is to actively lobby the ADA to make changes in the licensing exams across the country, including Florida, to allow licensure portability. This, as well as the Florida Board of Dentistry rules for general supervision for dental hygienists, will be a strong focus of discussion for our current leadership. With that being said, this year’s Dentists’ Day on the Hill (April 4th) is as important as ever!

In July of 2015, the CFDDA Program Committee was re-activated and continues to review speakers, venues, and information to maintain our status as an ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program (CERP) provider. I am excited to see the collegial culture that has developed with this committee. The committee works hard to establish outstanding programs that will provide CFDDA members and their dental teams with 12 FREE HOURS of continuing education credits. This is a great CFDDA membership benefit and one you can easily take advantage of by registering today to attend the annual meeting on May 12th -13th. (See page 11 for a meeting registration form).

As I close out my second time as your CFDDA President, (first term, 2004-2005), I want to thank all CFDDA Members in leadership, at every level, ADA, FDA, CFDDA, and CFDDA Affiliate, for donating
time and energy for the protection and advancement of our profession.

See you in May at the annual meeting!