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2017-2018 CFDDA Officers/Leadership

Dr. Bryan Bergens, President

Dr. Daniel Crofton, President Elect

Dr. Craig Kara, First Vice President

Dr. Suzi Thiems-Heflin, Second Vice President

Dr. John Cordoba, Secretary

Dr. Lee Anne Keough, Immediate Past President

Dr. Sundeep Rawal, Treasurer

Dr. James Antoon, Trustee
Dr. Howard Pranikoff, Trustee 
Dr. Bernie Kahn, Alternate Trustee
Dr. John Cordoba, Alternate Trustee  


FDA Officer Representative
Dr. C. William D’Auito, Immediate Past President

ADA Delegation -17th District – Florida Representatives
Dr. C. William D’Auito Automatic At Large Delegate
Dr. James Antoon At Large Delegate
Dr. John Cordoba At Large Alternate Delegate
Dr. Bertram Hughes At Large Alternate Delegate
Dr. Suzi Thiems-Heflin At Large Alternate Delegate
Dr. Jerry Bird Component Designated Delegate
Dr. Christopher Cowell Component Designated Alternate Delegate

FDA Council Representatives
Council on Dental Care and Benefits – Dr. Craig Kara
Council on Dental Education and Licensure – Dr. Christopher Cowell
Council on Ethics, Bylaws and Judicial Affairs – Dr. Jay “Drew” Johnson
Council on Financial Affairs – Dr. Lee Anne Keough
Council on Membership - Dr. J. Edward Kennedy, Chair
Council on the New Dentist – Dr. Robert Pellosie
Governmental Action Committee – Dr. Jason Larkin
FDA Services, Inc. Board – Dr. Suzi Thiems-Heflin
FDAPAC – Dr. E. Donald Thomas
FDC and Continuing Education Committee: Drs. Bertram Hughes, Chair, Sam Markham, Yvette Godet
Leadership Development Committee – Dr. Suzi Thiems-Heflin, Chair
FDA Services, Inc. Board Representative - Dr. Suzi Thiems-Heflin and
Dr. Howard Pranikoff
FDAPAC - Dr. E. Donald Thomas

Alachua County Dental Association - Dr. Jennifer Day
Brevard County Dental Society - Dr. Ryan Caudill
Dental Society of Greater Orlando - Dr. James Flatley
Lake County Dental Association - Dr. Pushpak Narayana
Marion County Dental Association - Dr. Scott Jackson
Volusia-Flagler County Dental Association - Dr. Rod MacIntyre

CFDDA Central Office
Marlinda Fulton, Executive Director
800 North Mills Avenue,  Orlando, Fl. 32803
(407) 898-3481 (Orlando)
(800) 449-3481 (Outside Orlando)
Fax (407) 895-9712

To view current CFDDA Bylaws - please click here.

To view archived bylaws: ​​January 2015, January 2016, June 2017.



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