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A message from the 2019-2020 CFDDA President,
Dr. Craig Kara

I would like to congratulate Dr. Dan Crofton, 2018-2019 CFDDA President, for having a successful year in all the capacities required to keep our Central District component running very well. Of course, it also takes the work of our Executive Director, Marlinda, the Executive Council, and all of our members’ involvement to keep the Central Florida District Dental Association (CFDDA) strong.

We faced a big challenge this year with the first FLA MOM event held in our district. Next year, in 2020, we will once again be challenged in hosting the ADA meeting in October. As many of you know the Florida Dental Convention meeting normally held in June will be combined with the ADA’s October meeting. All hands-on deck!

The CFDDA has a well-organized program committee to oversee each CFDDA annual meeting, usually held in late April or early May. I am pleased to have Dr. Drew Johnson on board as my program chair.

So, as you may have guessed, our annual meeting will be on the Disney Dream cruise ship departing Cape Canaveral from Friday, May 1, through Monday, May 4, 2020. For preliminary information visit the CFDDA website at Tentatively scheduled to provide continuing education is Dr. Hardeep Birdi, who is dual board certified in periodontics and prosthodontics. Dr. Birdi’s lecture creates synergies between surgery and prosthetics with the use of technology.

Throughout the year the CFDDA has participated in six president/president elect phone conferences with Dr. Jolene Paramore, President, Florida Dental Association (FDA), FDA line officers, and staff in an effort to increase communication between the components and the FDA leadership. The dental therapists’ legislation was not brought to a vote this year, but it is not going away. In fact, the author of the bill, Senator Jeff Brandes of St. Petersburg, has committed himself to re-introduce the legislation each year he’s in office until he terms out. House Bill 549 (CE for Dentists; Requires minimum of 2 hours of continuing education on prescribing of controlled substances) is on the governor’s desk as I write this. Look for the FDA updates on the bill which will incorporate the mandated opioid course into the Florida Dental Practice Act. This will allow the course to be included in our required 30 hours biennium CE requirements rather than in addition to it. The governor has until June 28th to sign the bill. Of course, you will be reading this after that date, so I’m sure the information will be discussed in the FDA’s legislative updates. The State of Florida has passed legislation requiring another mandated course which will cover the topic of human trafficking. The course will be a one time, one hour, requirement due to be taken by 2021. Hopefully, many of you attended this year’s Florida Dental Convention where there were posters made available by the FDA for display in our offices. This will be a requirement of the legislation.

During the fall of 2019 I am really looking forward to attending the affiliate meetings. We will no doubt have many topics to discuss. Between the races in Daytona, dental school in Gainesville, having married my wife Lisa in Lake County, surfing at Flagler pier, etc., I am often in our affiliate counties for one thing or another.

Much like one’s own staff helping to manage the complexities of our practice, the CFDDA would not work if not for our volunteer leadership that serves on ADA/FDA/CFDDA Executive Councils, Committees and Councils, and House of Delegates. Working with the talented, giving people in our district has kept me involved with organized dentistry. My vision for this year, and always, is to maintain the integrity of the profession by keeping it in the hands of dentists. With that in mind, we need to improve as a group in funding our FDAPAC. Joe Ann Hart, FDA Chief Legislative Officer, and the FDA staff need the resources to fight on behalf of our patients and the profession. We, as dentists, are the best advocates for our patients and our profession.

 “I never worry about action, but only inaction.”
                                                                             — Winston Churchill

Seems appropriate.