A Message from 2022-2023 CFDDA President

Dr. Elizabeth Nixon

Stay Informed – Review Communications

The ADA, FDA, and Central Florida District Dental Association (CFDDA) have developed an exceptional organization to help their members and dentistry. How does one get the most out of their membership? The best way is to stay informed! I must admit I have only started a commitment to staying informed since I was nominated to the CFDDA Executive Council. I started at the website for the CFDDA where the mission statement can be found, “Helping All Members Succeed.” The website steps you up the tripartite with more and more programs that have been developed to help dentists, patients, and the profession of dentistry. I have used the resources from the CFDDA, FDA, and ADA websites in the last four years more than I used my entire career because I now go there first to answer questions or shop for products my practice needs. Every time I am on it one of the sites, I go down a rabbit hole of new stuff I did not know the associations were offering.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to the forefront how important it is to get timely vetted information to practitioners. The tripartite has several avenues to keep you informed. From the CFDDA Newsletter or E-News, the FDA‘s Facebook page “Florida Dental Chatter”, the FDA Capital Report, FDA News Bites, the updated ADA app, the ADA Morning Huddle/ Weekend Huddle, Finance and Operations Huddle, and the ADA Member Advantage updates, just to name a few. These communications help to keep you on top of things available or that are immediately important to your practice. They literally spoon feed the information to you, to help you save time and sift through the information you need right now, or while watching TV, or even when you want to shop for new appliances with the ADA GE discounts.

The CFDDA has the first level of benefits for advocacy, membership representation, local free continuing education, and providing local information. The CFDDA also provides our local representation to the FDA. The advocacy of the organization starts at the grass roots for us at Central District. The delegates from each affiliate creates, reviews, and molds the direction of the FDA though house of delegate meetings. I cannot stress enough, one of the most important member benefits is the lobby ability that the FDA and ADA have for our profession. Numbers have power and our profession depends on the FDA to look out for the interests of dentistry and dental patients. There are many other influences (insurance companies, government programs, and large corporate entities) that have our government’s ears with powerful lobbyists. This is the part of organized dentistry I will remain committed to keeping strong.


The value of the advocacy is worth the yearly dues alone. Without the representation and information the FDA Governmental Affairs Office provide, we would not have the thoughtful organized experience both protecting us from unfair laws and improving dental care in the state.

The next member benefit comes direct from the CFDDA and this is continuing education provided free to our members and their dental teams. The first is a few of the required courses made available online to members; The Doctors Group provided the laws and ethics course, and soon, the domestic violence course will be available. The second source of free CE available to CFDDA members and their teams are the eight hours available at the annual meeting designed to include the whole office. Much time, thought, and CFDDA resources goes into organizing the annual meeting. This year’s program is coming together nicely with our featured speakers: Dr. Daniel Pompa, Lancette Van Guilder, RDH, BS, and Dr. Anissa Holmes. The CFDDA strives to hold meetings in nice venues and this year is no exception. We are back at the beach at the beautiful Hammock Beach Resort in Palm Coast, Florida (see page 13). My advice, to get the most out of your membership, is to make sure you are reviewing the CFDDA/FDA/ADA communications. It's important the CFDDA office has a contact email that goes directly to your personal email for quick scanning. Whenever you need a new service, have business or legal questions, look to the FDA/ ADA first. They are certainly helping me succeed and get a fancy new GE refrigerator with the membership discounts linked on the ADA website or app!