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Dr. Dan Crofton

A message from the 2018-2019 CFDDA President,
Dr. Daniel J. Crofton:

What is Your CFDDA Membership Doing for You?

 The mission of the CFDDA is to “help all members succeed.” Our Association does this by delivering programs, services, and advocacy to maximize value and service. As of November 2018, the number of active members in the CFDDA was 1,375 and the total number of members was 1,674. Active CFDDA members pay dues of $135 per year. Our CFDDA dues have remained the same for the past 4 years. What is your CFDDA membership doing for you? Here are just some of the programs and services that your CFDDA dental dollars help support:


Continuing Education: the CFDDA’s Annual Meeting offers up to 12 hours of free CE credit. Also offered is online CE, including the free required courses on medical errors and domestic violence. The CFDDA automatically submits the courses you take to CE broker. Is the CFDDA Annual Meeting a good value for members? Consider this; if you attend both courses at the CFDDA Annual Meeting, then you will earn 12 hours of continuing education credit. Members pay no meeting registration fee. If you think of your dues as paying for the meeting, then your dues cost breaks down to $11.25 per credit hour. This seems like a good deal. Furthermore, there is no cost to register your office manager, your assistant, your hygienist or any other member of your staff.

FDA Foundation: The FDAF is the philanthropic arm of the FDA promoting dental health for all Floridians. The Foundation organizes and supports statewide programs to accomplish this mission, such as the Florida Mission of Mercy (FLA-MOMS), Project Dentists Care, and Donated Dental Services.

 Community Connections: The FDA’s Florida Action for Dental Health assists to improve access to oral health for all Floridians. This initiative is focused on three primary objectives: To promote attainable dental care for the underserved, to collaborate in order to maximize the services of the current dental workforce, and to expand public health dentistry opportunities for Floridians.


The CFDDA keeps members and their staffs connected and informed with subscriptions to our quarterly newsletters and e-News, along with links to websites, social media sites, and blogs. This information keeps members informed about current dental issues and member benefits.

Educating the public and promoting the profession: the Florida Dental Association with support from the CFDDA takes a proactive approach to public relations with an integrated communications campaign which raises awareness about the important benefits of choosing an ADA/FDA/CFDDA member dentist and the outstanding work dentists do to improve the oral health of Florida residents. These campaigns stress the importance of regular dental visits for individuals and families.

 Peer Review: the CFDDA provides peer review to member dentists as a way to avoid costly legal fees and malpractice lawsuits. Peer review does not always have to be started by a disgruntled patient. A frustrated dentist who feels that everything has been done to satisfy the patient, without success, can also recommend peer review.

 FDA Services, Inc.: FDAS is the one-stop shop for all of the insurance products that you will need throughout your dental career with exclusive discounts for members. Dennis Head is our central Florida agent. The FDA Services Crown Savings Program offers a wide variety of discounted vendors and services to members; such as payroll savings, iCoreExchange and discounted dental supplies.

 Mentorship: this program was developed by the FDA Council on the New Dentist as a resource to help dental students gain a practical and professional perspective from established member dentists. This program helps members who are looking to recruit new dentists or potential practice buyers.


The CFDDA supports both our national (ADPAC) and state (FDAPAC) political action committees. At the state level our governmental action committee (GAC) in Tallahassee keeps legislators informed about our issues and alerts members when action is needed regarding relevant legislation. The GAC organizes Dentists’ Day on the Hill in Tallahassee annually and the Legislative Contact Dentist program (LCD) that keeps local dentists in direct contact with state legislators. Thousands of members, plus your voice, equals major political clout in the halls of the Capitols in Washington, D.C. and Tallahassee. We are taken seriously because both the ADA and the FDA represent the majority of dentists nationwide and statewide respectively. We are the country’s oral health authority.

 It’s that time of year to pay your 2019 annual dues. Please consider how important your dues payment is to support all of these programs and services and much more. There is tremendous value to being a member of organized dentistry. Please be generous and prompt with your dues payment. Organized dentistry needs your help to help both you and your patients. I thank you for your continued support.