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Dr. Dan Crofton

A message from the 2018-2019 CFDDA President,
Dr. Daniel J. Crofton:

The following is Dr. Crofton's last president's message, which was printed in the Spring newsletter in a postcard format!

Dear Central Florida District Dental Association Members,

Greetings from Florida! I arrived last year at the CFDDA office in Orlando and met Executive Director, Marlinda Fulton. We’ve had a great time! After we met with the Executive Council in September, we traveled on road trips to affiliate membership meetings in Volusia, Brevard, Lake, Marion and Alachua counties and to a membership meeting in Orlando. The den­tists, affiliate support staff, and vendors were all welcoming. And the food was great!

Marlinda and I told members about our officers, organization, and the issues we are dealing with, both good and bad, but it’s not all oranges and pink flamingos here in the land of sunshine. We’ve got some issues, such as invasive species trying to live here, like Burmese Pythons and dental therapists. And a dental education isn’t cheap. Dental student debt is climbing higher than Florida temperatures in August. We also reminded you about our first time ever to host the FDA Foundation’s Florida Mission of Mercy charity event at Edgewater High School in March and our CFDDA Annual Meeting at the Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal OrlandoTM on May 3-4. I hope that you got to meet us and that you enjoyed the show. We were thinking of you!

During our trip to Brevard, we met Dr. Craig Kara. Last year Craig became our delegation chair. Craig along with assistance from our new vice-chair, Dr. Katie Miller from Orlando, will be leading our CFDDA delegation to the Florida Dental Association House of Delegates. Craig is going to be our next CFDDA President. He is capable, looked well-rested, and is ready to go. Craig is going to be busy, so if he asks you for a favor, like serving on a council or a committee, then just say, ”yes.”

Last year I asked Dr. Bernie Kahn for a favor and he said yes to leading a committee to update our CFDDA House of Delegates Manual. Some of our members from each affiliate said yes too, and their input was vital for our new manual. Thank you to all who volunteered for this task.

Many thanks go out to the CFDDA Executive Council who dealt with many important district dental matters. The decisions they made were thoughtful and will serve us well. I especially want to thank the CFDDA officers including Immediate Past President, Dr. Bryan Bergens, who didn’t let me stray too far out of line and Dr. Craig Kara who will be taking over as President. I also want to thank the editor of our CFDDA Newsletter, Dr. Ed Kennedy, who devotes a lot of time to keeping our newsletter colorful, up-to-date, and informative. Thanks go out to Dr. Sundeep Rawal, our program chairman, who organized an informative and interesting annual meeting. Special thanks are due to our CFDDA staff members; Marlinda Fulton and Sharon Hamilton. They are both conscientious, hard-workers who truly have the best interests of our association at heart. They are assets to our district and would serve any President well. We are fortunate to have such an excellent staff.

Finally, and most importantly, thanks go out to you, the members of the CFDDA. Without your involvement and financial support there would be no association. Please stay actively involved, talk up our association and organized dentistry, especially to younger dentists and encourage them to join and to get involved. These things are crucial for organized dentistry and for our profession to remain relevant so we can continue to support our members and to achieve our goals.

The weather’s been gorgeous! We accomplished a lot last year, but much work remains. So as this part of my journey ends and I get packed up and ready to head off on another adventure, the mission remains to Helping All Members Succeed. And to any local dentists who are not members of the CFDDA, my hope is, “Wish you were here!”