A message from the 2019-2020 CFDDA President

As Good as the Day It’s Written….


I’ve always said there are so many great activities in the month of March, that I shouldn’t be working. Sports car racing in Sebring, drag racing in Gainesville, fishing, surfing, wind surfing, food festivals, Spring turkey hunting, the list just doesn’t stop. So, it’s ironic how it’s Monday morning, late March, and I’m writing my last President’s message, when I should be working.

I want to sincerely thank the CFDDA Executive Council, Delegates, and Council Members for a year which up to this point was work intensive, but smooth sailing. As I write this, our CFDDA annual meeting is actually sitting off our coast on a journey to nowhere. The cruise ships from Port Canaveral are anchored off the Florida coast, out of service. Presently, we are awaiting Disney Cruise Line’s action as to whether the cruise cancellation will extend beyond our sail date. Once this occurs, all those with cabins reserved will have the option of receiving a full refund or rebooking.

By the time this newsletter is printed, I will have had the Presidents’ phone conference with Dr. Rudy Liddell, FDA President, and the FDA staff. We will have had our CFDDA Executive Council meeting on March 27th via conference call, (instead of meeting in-person) as well. We have been sending updates on the coronavirus and how it is affecting our ability to practice; and will continue to do so as we get them from the FDA/ADA. Please check your email each day. Marlinda is sending an email today which discusses ADA Coronovirus coding and billing guidelines. These include existing ADA codes which are in place and relevant to today’s reality.

Two months ago, we had the Florida Dental Association House of Delegates meeting in Tampa. Prior to the HOD, we sent an email stating we had opportunity for members in Central District to run for Alternate and Delegate positions to the ADA House of Delegates. We were able to place six of our members on the ADA delegation. Dr. Suzi Thiems-Heflin is our Designated Central District Delegate for the next year. Dr. John Cordoba was elected at At-Large Delegate. Drs. Don Thomas, Bernard Kahn, Rodolfo Olmos, and Michelle Dulgar will serve as At-Large Alternate Delegates to the ADA. It is important to note Drs. Olmos and Dulgar are getting involved in organized dentistry without having served before. Our “initiative” to incorporate new members who were eligible to serve in this capacity was brought forth by the CFDDA Executive Council at the November 2019 meeting. By January it had become a reality. There is as of yet, one more available position at the next HOD in June which needs to be filled. It is considered a mid-term At-Large Alternate Delegate position which will expire in June of 2021 and is not a full two-year term. If you are interested, contact Marlinda at the CFDDA office.

Words cannot express my disappointment with the way we are having to finish out my year. Honestly, if we can all stay healthy, I’m happy to trade that for the cruise. Special thanks to Marlinda, Dr. Sundeep Rawal for acquiring Dr. Bobbi Birdi as our speaker, Dr. Drew Johnson our program chair, and Sara Toerner, our travel agent. We had over sixty cabins booked. Pretty awesome. God Bless and stay healthy.