A Message from 2022-2023 CFDDA President

Dr. Elizabeth Nixon

Thank yous...

This is my last president’s message. I must admit I am surprised at how much I have enjoyed the experience through the CFDDA Executive Council. I have learned a lot about what the CFDDA and the FDA benefits and programs offer. I have so many impressive dental colleagues that work hard representing the central district. My experience has made me want to continue a more active roll in organized dentistry. In this last message I will take example from Jimmy Fallon and most etiquette guru’s and write my thank you notes.

Thank you … CFDDA Executive Council members that preceded me. Dr. Dan Crofton, Dr. Craig Kara, Dr. Susie Thiems-Heflin, and Dr. John Cordoba, for being excellent examples of leadership. They provided a template that made the presidency an easy path to follow. They offered their guidance and coached me through difficult questions. They picked up any committee appointments I asked of them making my job a breeze. They are still coaching me in parliamentary procedure. (I am very weak at parliamentary procedure).

Thank you … CFDDA Delegation for committing your time to represent the Central District at the FDA House of Delegates. We are all busy professionals with families and work obligations, yet you are willing to give up your time for you fellow professionals to strengthen the FDA. I thank you for your thoughtful respectful discussion of the issues of the day. I think it is wonderful that a group of professionals can get together and discuss their opinions in a way respectful way. There is more listening than telling and in the end with thoughtful consideration the delegates vote their own way to what they believe will help all members succeed. You all made me proud to live and practice in the Central District. Thank you … affiliate presidents and your executive secretaries for making my visits to each of the affiliate meetings a great experience. I enjoyed seeing old friends and Endodontists and dentists that I have taught in the past. I picked up some good ideas from each group to bring back to Marion County.

Thank you … Marlinda Fulton, CFDDA Executive Director, for keeping me on track. With your wonderful work, it was easy for the program committee to put together an awesome meeting event at the Hammock Beach Resort. Your experience in negotiating was key to getting such a nice resort to spoil our members and their staff at the 2023 CFDDA Annual Meeting.

Thank you … CFDDA Program Committee for finding speakers that the whole office can benefit from and will be interested in. Dr. Pompa’s lectures, “To Pull or Not to Pull” and “Actions and Algorithms for Medical Emergencies” are perfect for the entire team, general dentists, or specialists. These lectures provide eight hours toward license renewal. They selected a special speaker for the hygienists, Lancette VanGuilder. Her lectures are, “Dental Hygienists: Essential Primary Providers” and “Periodontal Disease does not Discriminate Based on Age.” The hygiene lectures provide four hours toward CE for license renewal. Lastly, but equally entertaining and informative, Dr. Anissa Holmes will speak on both days, lectures include: “Your Mindset, Your Vision, Your Practice” and “Elevating the Dental Practice through a Circle of Focus” on Friday, followed on Saturday by, “Ultra Case Acceptance and High Return Marketing” and “Want to Grow Faster, Do This.” You all will make me look good!

Thank you … FDA Team for being there and not only helping me succeed in my practice but helping me succeed as CFDDA President. Every employee at the FDA is always helpful. They are fully committed to the FDA members. They follow up. And lastly, they were great resources to answering questions on everything from programs to the future strategic planning, to the latest management books that may help me succeed. Everyone has busy lives, and you cannot always have the time to put toward organized dentistry. There is a season for it in your career. Look for opportunities to get involved in organized dentistry. I have made new friends, picked up new skills, and learned so much! I have discovered programs and resources that have made my practice easier. I have found it to be a rewarding experience. I encourage every CFDDA member to at least stay informed with what the CFDDA/FDA/ADA are doing for its members. Read your emails and visit the website regularly to see what is new.

Thank you … CFDDA Newsletter Reader for indulging me in my thank you notes.

Sincerely, Elizabeth C. Nixon, DDS