A message from the 2019-2020 CFDDA President,

Weathering the Storm


Hurricanes and the start of our “dental year” go hand in hand. As I drove to my first affiliate meeting at the Dental Society of Greater Orlando (DSGO), I wondered, should I be leaving instead of boarding up? Turns out we had plenty of time to get ready and I was glad not to have put the meeting off to a later date. We missed a big one, thankfully, and as I drove home from the DSGO meeting, I couldn’t help but worry about how things would look like in a week.

I surfed in Elbow Cay in 1985 for Spring break two weeks after finding out I was accepted to the University of Florida College of Dentistry (UFCD). I have paintings of Hope Town in my office and keep track of the surf there on my Surfline app. Surf went from two feet days prior to the storm to over 25 feet; so many things are out of our control. It’s sobering to consider your town could have been Hope Town on Elbow Cay, or the panhandle last year. Many in our area have homes there and some of my patients rode out the storm in the Bahamas. We really believed we would be hit hard as the storm approached. We have taken some hits over the years, but not a knockout punch. Much like the early years of life in Florida, the people of the Bahamas did not have anywhere to go. In earlier times, one had to look for the disappearance of the ibis from an area as warning of a hurricane. Hence, the mascot for the University of Miami. The ibis was the first to evacuate prior to an approaching hurricane. We now have the ability and the wherewithal to prepare for a storm, and with the will, to recover from one. Our thoughts, prayers, and donations are with our neighbors in the islands.

Thank you to Dr. Carlos Bertot, President, DSGO, and Dr. Simon Amir, President, Marion County Dental Association, for hosting Marlinda Fulton, CFDDA Executive Director, and I during their affiliate meetings. By print time of this newsletter, we will have visited with Dr. Mitesh Jivan, President, Lake County Dental Association, and its members. Dr. Nicholas White, Florida Board of Dentistry, spoke at the DSGO meeting. He discussed a rule change to our practice act. The Restorative Function Dental Auxiliary Rule went into effect on June 26, 2019. It states that a dentist may delegate remedial restorative functions to a dental assistant or hygienist who has completed mandatory training offered by an accredited dental school or hygiene school program. UFCD is preparing to offer a program. I contacted Casey Stoutamire, Florida Dental Association, regarding the change. She clarified the fact the legislature did not need to act. The FDA has had a policy supporting the initiative going back ten years. The FDA supported the rule change and worked with the Board of Dentistry to achieve the change. An informative document on this rule is posted on the CFDDA website homepage (www.cfdda.org). Please review it as it will answer many questions.

I feel one of the best topics discussed at the affiliate meetings is always the Central Florida District Dental Association’s Annual Meeting. It is a real member benefit — free continuing education for CFDDA members and their dental teams. Between the budgeted portion of your dues and the sponsorship of our dental vendors, the program committee strives to keep the meeting at a minimum, budget neutral. The CFDDA Program Committee consists of CFDDA line officers and their respective program chairs, and the CFDDA executive director. It has been since 2013, when Dr. Tim Pruett was CFDDA president, that we have gone cruising for the annual meeting. We are trying to stay out of the way for the ADA’s 2020 meeting in Orlando, so we may as well go offshore. The continuing education course for the cruise will consist of four hours on Saturday morning and four hours Sunday morning by Dr. Hardeep Birdi. Dr. Birdi is a board certified periodontist and prosthodontist in the US and Canada. He practices in Vancouver B.C. He will discuss comprehensive treatment planning — simple to complex using a digital workflow model on day one. On day two, the topic will cover digital technology integrating 3D printing, milling, and more.

We have great members in Central District. The cruise will be a fun way to catch-up with friends and colleagues and make new ones. If your hardcore like one of our past presidents from Marion County, you know who you are Larry, you can work on Friday morning, catch the ship for the weekend, and be back to work on Monday in the afternoon. We chose the Disney Cruise Line for a three-day excursion because they offer the cleanest ship, best food, and the best service. I’ll be bringing my staff celebrating 48, 38, 29, 20, 20 years in our practice. But who’s counting? It’s always fun to have something to look forward to and I will see you on the Disney Dream in May!