Peer Review

The Florida Dental Association offers an alternative to costly litigation in resolving complaints between a patient and dentist. Peer Review is the principal quality assurance mechanism through which the dental profession evaluates the appropriateness of treatment and the quality of care rendered by its members. Impartial clinical assessments by qualified peers provide the basis for its credibility. There is no charge to either party and the process is confidential.

 Requests for Peer Review must meet the following conditions:
The dentist must be a member of the Florida Dental Association.
The matter pertains to appropriateness of treatment or quality of care.
The patient has not posted a negative review on-line.
The patient has not gone to the Board of Dentistry.
Complaints are not in the process of being litigated or in collection.
Complaint does not involve a fee dispute.
The treatment in question has not been altered or removed.

The case must not concern services rendered over one year from the date of the last appointment for the treatment in question.

The patient and dentist must sign the appropriate forms before the case can be considered. A mediator is appointed to attempt to reconcile the matter. If mediation is unsuccessful, a hearing will be held in which the patient can present his/her case in person and a clinical examination will be performed by a hearing panel.

Please contact the Florida Dental Association at 850-681-3629 for more information.