Cruising with the CFDDA - Update

UPDATE March 2020:

While we had previously been looking into the future with excitement for 2020’s unique Annual Meeting, we recognize that a great wave of uncertainty has swept our nation. Given the circumstances impacting travel, the future for the May 1, 2020 Meeting aboard Disney Cruise Line (DCL) is unclear. One thing is certain: it is important that our members have every option available to them as plans are considered.

We understand that many would like to finalize plans for travel or make alternate arrangements, however we are in a position where we must wait for the official word from DCL. Please know that CFDDA is working closely with the cruise line and with our cruise expert.

As of today, all DCL sailings have been suspended through April 14, 2020. Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure yet whether the cruise line will continue with the sailing scheduled for May 1.

Given the current global situation, we are looking ahead at plans for the 2020 Annual Meeting with every caution. Rest assured that, once the official announcement has been made, we will update everyone who has registered for the Meeting.

In the meantime, please direct specific travel-related inquiries to

Thank you.



photo of Disney Cruise Ship